The groom's photography, need to pay attention to a lot of the details

In marriage, the groom and bride, all is the leading role, of course, in the picture taken, the bridegroom is also leading role! Because, the man is always more than women, careless many, also won't seriously grasp of detail. If you groom, usually is not serious to dress up, as the bride-to-be you, must be for your husband, you need to pay attention to the following details.



The groom's hair, makeup girl will be simple tidy, but, appearance or don't change much, trouwjurken best before you take photos in a week, complete the groom's hair. Dye hair also want to advance. The bride also is same.



The groom teeth, if not good-looking, I suggest you use white teeth stick, this kind of product, make your teeth whitening once, or in the photo shoot, you need a resolute don't show your teeth, but such, your photography effect is very poor.



The groom's skin, not so closely mask maintenance, but, in taking pictures when, or to apply some more moist cream, or dry skin, that will give him also to Ann bottle!



Many of the bridegroom's beard, very easy to long, scraped the morning, afternoon long came out. So in the photo shoot, you need to prepare a electric razors, and can be used at any time.


Nose hair

A lot of boys nose hair, really very long, a smile will come to light, true too affect mood. In before taking pictures, be sure to touch, the bride to deal with carefully.



The groom's photography, general rarely have the opportunity to take the feet. If there is a more dynamic QuanShenXiang, foot also can appear, the best choice is to completely black socks. But, generally with white yarn will also chooses white suit, so white leather shoes, also can choose. This need, the bride and groom yourself to consider. Other color shoes, had better not choose, if the result is bad, will be very sorry.


Ring and nails

The groom's hand, and will have more performance, so nails must clip, don't nail seam, with dirt! Ring can according to, need to wear a wedding ring, adornment sex is strong or the ring, you need to refer to the filming of the style. Let the groom wear, a small bag of velvet, need to act the role of article must collect good, change clothes, be sure to check the pocket, not in the photo shoot, lost something important.


Reproduced: http://sosimeya1a.multiply.com/journal/item/5/You_need_to_know_your_wedding_scene

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